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CDTA Research Center in Algiers

CDTA, a Leading Research Centre in Algeria, opted for an early migration towards Cloud Technology to satisfy its growing needs in IT resources

ISINIAA has Built and manages for CDTA, since Q4 2015, one of the first, Openstack-based Private Cloud in the region

CDTA Cloud evolved from an on-premise dedicated private Cloud to a Public shared Cloud with options for Virtual Private Cloud with dedicated resources for selected cutomers.

Cloud has been running live workloads for 30 months, with mission critical SaaS applications in production. Ongoing evolution towards several cloud based application running on top (Big Data, AI, DevOps, CICD, etc.)

CDTA Cloud here


City of Algiers

Wilaya d’Alger, is in the process of implementing the smart city project where multiple IT requirements need to be satisfied: Wilaya internal needs Startup needs lab deployments : incubators, students,..... Big Data, AI, DevOps, CICD, etc.

A cloud platform will satisfy most of those needs and offers the following benefits: flexibility, high tech platform, scalability, security, world wild accessibility, open API, data locality,High availability ..

ISINIAA is currently handling the design and implementation of this platform as well as the operational part once the platform is running.

Past Event :

Algiers Smart City (ASC)

SyLabs - Algiers Startup Conference 2018

World Bank Conference 2018

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ISINIAA was Founded in 2017. It's Headquartered in Algiers. It has Strategic Live commercial customers. ISINIAA's Headquarters and Engineering team is in Algiers. However the Team experts and Advisors are in the Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Vancouver. It was Incubated since 2015, then spinned-off the CDTA (Algeria top R&D lab) giving the First validation of a tailored high tech startup creation model with an Engineering team with hands on engineering expertise, trained on the most advanced cloud, data and AI technologies,

Also Team DNA in technology startups, with serial setups and successes ,In-depth knowledge of Algeria technology ecosystem.

ISINIAA | Leapfrogging Technologies .

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